Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review: Sony is usually one of the brand names which comes to our mind whenever we think to buy a new headphone or entertainment device for us. Sony creates some marvelous pieces of products with best in class technology. Their Headphone series is also one of the successful series among their variety of products. Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone is one of them; it comes with an Advanced Noise Cancelling Technology with great Sound Quality. But will it stand up to the standards? Let’s find it out.

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Sony WH1000XM2 comes with an Industry Leading Noise Cancelling which eliminates the additional background sound which is annoying for most of the people. You are listening to a Great Hip Hop song, and suddenly you listen Birds Chirping, seriously nothing can be worst than that.

Sony’s Noise Cancelling Technology ensures that whenever you are using the headphone you only listen to what you want to listen to, nothing else.

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Design – Sony WH1000XM2

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

I can’t figure out from where to start with because this headphone is filled up with some amazing stuff that I can talk about it for the full day. It comes with a Comfortable Design, Touch Controls, and many other great features as well.

Sony WH1000XM2 comes with on head Headphone design which helps you to keep your headphone in place even during Physical Tasks.

It comes with a Foldable Design which will help you to keep your headphone while you are traveling. You will only see Two Buttons in this Headphone – Ambient Sound and Power Button. Power Button serves multi-functionality, it can be used for switching the Device On/Off and can be used for pairing it with Bluetooth Enabled device as well. All other controls are moved on the ear cups of the device with Touch Integration. Here are few typical tasks and How to do them for your understanding. To use the headphone efficiently, you will have the divide the Ear Cups into 4 Parts.

Volume Up/Down: – You can tap on Upper and Lower part of the left ear cup to adjust the Volume Levels.

Seek: – You can seek Tracks by clicking on the right side and left side of the left ear cup.

Hanging Up Calls or Play/Stop Music: – This task can be performed by tapping in the center of the left ear cup.

Quick Attention Mode: – It is similar to Mute your headphone. What if you have to talk to some for few seconds, either you will have to remove your headphone or take out your smartphone from your pocket and stop whatever you were listening to. But this isn’t going to happen while using Sony WH1000XM2 you can easily tap on the right side of the right ear cup, and your sounds will mute. You can un-mute by doing the same procedure again.

Activate Voice Assistant: – You can activate voice assistant by clicking on Lower Left Part of your Right Ear Cup.

Sound Quality – Sony WH1000XM2 Review

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Enough talking about the features let’s come down to the sound quality. It comes with Some very Advanced technologies to be talking about. For example.

DSEE HX: – It restores all the high-range sounds lost in the compressions process and gives user better voice feedback as compared to other headphone brands.

LDAC: – LDAC transmits three times more data as compared to other Bluetooth Wireless device which helps you stream your Audio without Lose of Sound Quality.

These both were the Two main technology in Sony WH1000XM2 that we took into consideration because of significant roles that they play. Apart from all these WH1000XM2 comes with S-Master HX Technology which reduces Distortion and gives out clearer and crispier audio quality. It comes with Perfect Balance of Bass and Treble which can be altered as per user liking while using iOS or Android because it’s equalizer is built-in in the headphone and can be customized through Sony’s Application. It’s Sound Quality is that someone should not worry while buying this product because it will suit needs of all the buyer especially due to their Ambient Sound Technology. This technology works by adjusting the sound level according to songs and the environment which assures to provide best results in any conditions.

Battery Life – Sony WH1000XM2

Another Important thing that should be kept in consideration while buying any headphone, but in this field as well I would say that you will not have to worry about when buying these headphones. Sony WH1000XM2 comes with a marvelous battery life of 30 Hours which is more than enough for a normal user. Even if you are an avid user, then you will be using this device for 2 Days with ease.

It comes with pretty advanced charging technology as well which charges it for at least 70 Minutes of Play within 10 Minutes of charge. You can charge it from 0% to 100% within 2-3 Hours at max which marginally less as compared to its battery output.

Final Verdict – Sony WH1000XM2

If you are considering to buy Sony WH1000XM2, then you do not need to give a second thought. It comes with some brilliant technologies let it be in Sound Quality or User Interface you can use it without any efforts. It is one of the best headphones at its price range and can be considered as a Great Companion.

1. Great Sound Quality
2. Battery Life – 30 Hours
3. Touch Controls
4. Comfortable to use
1. Can’t Pair More than One Device as seen in other Same Range Headphones
In-Box Content
Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

Sony WH1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphone Review

1. Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
2. Carrying Case
3. USB Cable
4. Connection Cable
5. Plug Adapter
6. Owner Manual

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