Solved: Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

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Solved: Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

In Short By Gadget Features To Solved: Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

If you have purchased an LG W30 and found some problems in the device, then you can contact us. Although after discovering much about this phone, we have found some problems like Bluetooth, camera issue, Google dialer, lagging, and keyboard issues with settings. We found that the keyboard is the most concerning issue of the phone. Gboard is the most used keyboard for Android which supports maps, searches and keyboard language that makes it best.

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The LG W30 is an attractive smartphone with amazing features, excellent sound quality, high-performance software, and a steadfast battery. LG has manufactured many high-end smartphones which have attracted many customers. This might be a reason why you purchased LG W30 and discovered the Keyboard Issues. Social media apps are most popular these days. These apps are the reason why peoples are purchasing smartphones.

Have you thought, what is the most essential feature of social media apps. The keyboard is the key feature which lets you use social media applications along with other device features like notepad, documents, and many more. The Android smartphones are integrated with Google keyboard app and the swift keyboard. You can use any of the keyboards. Some of the users have also chosen third-party Android apps which gives a new appearance to the phone with new customization options and emojis.

If you have recently bought the newly launched LG W30 and observed some critical issues in the device, then we are here to help you. Without a keyboard, you cannot use all the activities of the phone. You cannot even save the numbers to contact list. We have discovered that the keyboard is the most troubling issue of the Android device. Gboard app comes with maps, searches and keyboard language which is the most used app but has some problems that need to be fixed.

Keyboard issues mostly occur due to software issues which can be solved by using some simple methods. There are many methods which can easily fix the keyboard issues. In this article, we will discuss the full troubleshooting guide to fix LG W30 Keyboard issues with settings. If you have any queries relating to our blogs or you face any issue with other phones, feel free to contact Gadget Features Forum.

Solved: Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

LG W30 Keyboard Issues

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

LG Android smartphone users have experienced many issues since it was launched. The problem starts with apps crashing and phone restarting automatically and finally recognizes that the keyboard app isn’t working. When the phone has a keyboard issue, it won’t work at all and you notice an error displayed on the screen “Unfortunately, LG Keyboard has stopped” error.

You keep on tapping on the typing area, but the keyboard won’t pop up. The keyboard issue is not a manufacturing default so, you don’t have to worry. Force stop can help you to solve the keyboard problems. This option restarts the keyboard application and starts it as new. Follow these steps to force stop the app.

1. Navigate to the Settings of the smartphone.
2. Click on the Apps list option.
3. Select the Application Manager and All tab.
4. Search the Android Keyboard application and select it.
5. Now click on Force Stop to close the keyboard and start again.

Google Keyboard Not Showing

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Updates are as important as charging the smartphone. Google automatically delivers updates for all play store applications. These updates are available with new bug fixes and latest features. So, it is extremely suggested that you download the update which requires a working internet service or Wi-Fi. If your Gboard has an issue, then update it. Updating improves the performance of the device so, follow these steps to update the device.

1. Navigate to the Play Store.
2. Click on the three horizontal lines.
3. Now, tap on My apps & games.
4. If you find any new update for the Gboard, then click on Update.
5. After updating, restart the smartphone.

If an app doesn’t work properly, then there might be a bug stored in the files of that application. This bug can be solved by clearing the cache and data of that app. When your Keyboard application doesn’t start or appear while you want to type, then this could be due to that bud installed in the file.

However, remember that clearing data and cache will remove all the settings which you have done after purchasing the phone. The settings are changed to factory default. Although, this isn’t a problem as you can easily change the setting in keyboard settings.

1. Navigate to the Settings menu of your device
2. Click on the Application Manager under the apps.
4. Tap on the All apps list.
5. Search and touch the keyboard app.
6. Select the Clear Cache option.
7. Now Clear Data and Ok.

Gboard Not Showing Up Android

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

When your Gboard won’t appear while taping in the type section, then there might be a problem in other apps related to the keyboard, like a dictionary. Clear cache and data of the dictionary app which is almost related to the application and helps to auto-correct spellings. You can also try enabling the safe mode which is used to solve many problems of Android phones.

If you notice an error or Gboard swipe not working while tapping on the typing section, then this could be due to a bug in the app. You simply have to delete the data and caches of the dictionary app just like the keyboard app.

1. Navigate to the Settings of your smartphone.
2. Click on Applications Manager.
3. Find and tap on the Dictionary app.
4. Now click on Clear Cache > Clear Data.
5. Select OK.

Safe Mode is meant to solve the Android problems so, we must use this method. Enabling safe mode, temporarily disables all third-party apps on the phone. If the keyboard works perfectly in safe mode, then uninstall the apps which you have recently downloaded.

1. Press and hold the Power key.
2. Tap on the Power off option which appears on the screen.
3. Click on OK to enter safe mode.
4. The Safe mode appears at the bottom of the display.
5. Uninstall the desired app if the keyboard works well in safe mode.
6. Press and hold the Power key.
7. Tap Power off and restart on the screen.

Whatsapp Keyboard Not Appearing Android

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Now, we will delete the cache of the device. Most of you don’t delete the cookies and cache regularly which results in few major problems. The smartphone stores unwanted cache which is stored in the device files and folders. Removing cache in recovery mode helps you to clear the complete system’s cache. Follow these simple steps to wipe cache partition in recovery mode.

1. Press and hold the power button to turn off the smartphone.
2. Press and hold the Volume Up along with Power keys until you Android or company’s logo appears on the screen.
3. Release both the buttons.
4. In recovery mode, you will see several options, you have to select ‘Wipe cache partition’ using the power key.
5. You can navigate from the recovery mode by restarting the device.

Factory Reset can help

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Fix LG W30 Keyboard Issues With Settings

Sometimes, the keyboard app fails to work on WhatsApp. This could be because of a software bug. If the above methods won’t solve this problem, then you can switch to other keyboard apps from the play store. The recent trending app is the Swiftkey Keyboard. Although, Backup And Reset can fix this issue. So, if you are ready to delete all the files, images, and videos from the phone, then reset the phone.

1. Navigate to the Home screen and Settings.
2. Click on the ‘General’ tab.
3. Tap Restart & reset.
4. Select Factory data reset.
5. Verify your passcode if asked.
6. Click on Reset phone > Delete all > Reset.

If the default keyboard won’t work, then you can easily change it to another. You can use the swift keyboard can help you to type when you face issues with Google keyboard

Changing the Keyboard

If nothing above works then changing the default keyboard is the last option left. and to do that follow the steps.

1. Go to the settings app on your phone.
2. Scroll down and tap on the “Language and Input” section.
3. If you were using the LG Keyboard, it will be tick marked or checked.
4. Now choose the preferred keyboard. Like Android Keyboard or Swift Keyboard.
5. Now tap on the “Default” button and select the “English” as keyboard language.

Final Verdict

So, these were some effective solutions to fix LG W30 keyboard issues with settings. You can also check for the latest software update in the settings and software update before factory reset. These methods are completely tested and found working. I hope you liked this article and these methods solve your smartphone’s typing problem. You can also share this with your friends who have an LG W30 phone.

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