Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

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Pansonite VR: Are you searching for a latest VR headset, then you are at the right place. There are many VR manufacturers who are working to develop the best VR headsets with advanced technologies. Today, we are here we an exciting new-gen VR headset which is equipped with lots of exciting features.

Companies like Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft have developed their own VR devices which are commendable, but the prices are just too high. So, the first-time VR buyers don’t often spend money on those expensive devices. Although, we make sure that those buyers get a budget device, packed with satisfactory features.

Pansonite Vr Headset is an affordable device which is not less than any expensive VR’s. Generally, the features of cheap devices are not satisfactory, but this one is just awesome. If you love playing games on your smartphone, then this is the best choice for you. Even children can play using this device as it is completely safe for eyes.

Pansonite Vr Headset is a result of two years efforts of the company. The lightweight and unique interior features make it different from other budget VR devices. It comes with adjustable straps so that you can adjust it on your head. It has many other exciting features which we will discuss in this article. So, let’s begin Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons.

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Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

All-New Design

The dynamic design of the headset is made specially to play 3D games and watch long-duration movies. It is comfortable to wear for long and also you don’t have to worry about the negative effect on your eyes. It is outfitted with T-shaped adjustable strap, elastic headband, and a wider nose section which improves the experience of VR by decreasing the stress around your eyes.

The brand new Pansonite has been developed with HD resin aspherical lenses highlighting adjustable focus and pupil distance. The users can easily adjust the focus and pupil distance using the button controls placed on the top of the device. The controls are easy to understand so you don’t have to worry if you are using VR headset for the first time.

The three-way strap gets helps the headset to fit on your head and make your viewing experience even better. The device is free from overheating issue thanks to the high-grade ventilation system. It comes with a removable front cover that improves heat dissipation which doesn’t heat up your face while using the device.

The company has provided a good interior equipped with soft and breathable leather padding which feels light on the face. The headset efficiently and safely handles the smartphone so, there is no chance of dropping it when you get scared and jumps from your sofa while watching horror movies on VR.

Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

Features And Overall Experience

Pansonite VR features 360-degree panoramic scene roaming that gives you goosebumps while watching 3D videos and scary games. Many of you have a doubt that cheap headset keeps you away from the full VR experience in terms of viewing quality, but this VR will give you the ultimate experience without complaints. It offers High Definition and True Color Equal Visual Reality Experience.

The most amazing feature is that the Pansonite device comes with built-in 720┬░Surrounded Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone as well as volume controls, which is an ideal for all gamers looking for an affordable VR device. The device highlights foam cushioned headphones which is great at that low price. Not only watching videos and playing games, but you can also answer phone calls when your smartphone is connected to the device via pressing a button.

The device comes packed with a powerful multifunctional Bluetooth remote controller. The controller is comfortable or easy to use. The buttons are fully-functional and give a quick response. It is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones. You can directly download the 3D games from Google Play or Apple App Stores in your phone and play it in VR.

Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons


The latest Pansonite device is compatible with a wide range of devices. However, you must check the compatibility before purchasing this device from Amazon. You can buy this headset if you have a smartphone of 4.7- 6.0 inches in size. Here are some smartphones which support this device.

iPhone X/ 8/ 7/ 7 plus/ 6s/ 6/ 6 plus
Samsung S8/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6/ S6 Edge Note 8/ 5/ 4/ 3
LG G6/ G5/ G4/ G3/ V20
Daydream phones: Google Pixel/ Pixel XL
Moto Z/Z Force; Huawei Mate 9 Pro; Nexus 5, 6P; OnePlus 5; HTC U11

Pros & Cons

1. Adjustable Straps suitable for all
2. Wide Compatible
3. Soft leather and Thick Padding
4. Built-in headphones
5. Bluetooth remote controller

1. All iOS version not supported by the controller
2. Too small controller

Final Verdict

So, this was the Pansonite VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons. The device is great for all the beginners in the VR world. The blend of features, control, and affordable price is a good choice for gamers. The design of the VR makes it great to handle and you can spend hours using this gadget.

The device has many positive reviews and a huge number of buyers. It is available in Amazon, just click on the button given above to buy it. I hope you liked this article, and have a great experience with your purchase. You can also share this with your friends and families so that they can also enjoy the VR experience.

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