How To Use Air Fryer The Correct Way?

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How to Use Air Fryer The Correct Way: Air Fryers are countertop home appliances that use hot air for cooking food. There is a variety of air fryers available in the market. You can get a tray-like space or a bucket-type cabinet. Although, Basket-type air fryers are the trending air fryer in the market. It heats quickly and lets you enjoy tasty food instantly. In appearance, the fryer appears like a coffee machine. The fryer can fit in any kitchen space. In simple words, Air Fryer is acquainted with frying food in less oil or without oil. 

The mini gadget can efficiently roast, boil, or bake. You can change the temperature of hot air circulating inside the bucket to cook juicy food. Air fryers are not like traditional convection ovens. The air circulation is meant to heat the food by deep-frying in hot oil. The air fryer can cook everything that requires deep fry such as french fries and potato chips, or even nutritious vegetables. There are many air fryer recipes for beginners manual which you may get with every fryer. 

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How To Use Air Fryer The Correct Way?

Knowing the correct way to use an Air Fryer is essential if you don’t want to eat burned food the first time. You shouldn’t be ashamed of guidance as learning is the best option before using it. You don’t want to damage the product as you have invested. Understand the functions before using the Air Fryer. Similarly, there are many other things that you should know before unpacking your Air Fryer.

1. Open the Box

Take the Air Fryer out of the box and check the contents. It must include a manual, which helps you turn your Air fryer on. Carefully take the bucket out and clean it as instructed in the manual. Place the Air Fryer on heat resistant countertop as a safety move.

2. Preheat the Air Fryer

Most food items like chicken breast, broccoli, or Brussels sprouts require preheating. Why is preheating important? It will help the food to cook before a few minutes and make the food soft and cooked from the inside. Sometimes, the food doesn’t get a brown and crispy texture if not preheated. You can check the instruction manual, where you will get the details of preheating temperature. Preheat for at least 5 minutes at 400°F.

3. Avoid Adding Too Much Food

The air fryer bucket needs some space for accurate air circulation. You will get uncooked food or food burnt on the sides if you place too much food. Cook in batches if you require more servings. The food will stick in the container if left cozy for too long. 

4. Select the Temperature

After inserting the bucket full of food back into the Air fryer, select the correct temperature. Compared to a traditional oven, the air fryer temperature should be less. It uses hot air that can burn the food if cooked at a high temperature. Set the temperature lower than 25 degrees than oven cooking.

5. Check the Food Status

You must check the food in between cooking. Turn the side or shake to enjoy properly cooked food. You can efficiently pull out the bucket drawer. Add a few drops of oil to your food if you think it’s sticking to the container.

6. Add Dry Food to the Container

Avoid cooking food with a batter that can damage the container. Dry any food you want to cook, even the chicken, as hot air will produce moisture, and you will get food floating on water. The air fryer cannot evaporate water quickly hence, you have to wait for hours waiting for the water to vanish from the container.

7. Use Preset Accurately

Most Air Fryers offer preset for cooking recipes. Preset cooking settings are superior for cooking a large portion of food like whole chicken, fish, french fries, and more. You can check the manual for checking the temperature of different presets.

Don’t Do These Mistakes

1. Don’t Use too Much Oil

Adding too much oil to fatty food will result in smoke from the cabinet. It will make tasteless chicken wings or pork sticks. So, avoid dipping fatty skinked food in oil before cooking in Air Fryer.

2. Don’t Spray Oil in a Container

The Air fryer buckets have a non-stick coating to avoid food from sticking and damaging the surface. Adding oil to the container will reduce the quality non-stick surface.

3. Don’t Touch the Bucket After Taking it Out

The base of the Air fryer heats while cooking. So touching it with bare hands will be a stupid move.

Final Verdict

That’s How To Use Air Fryer The Correct Way. Cleaning is an essential step for every air fryer. Most buckets are dishwasher safe and removable, hence you can clean them using soap easily. Wipe the surface using tissue or a soft cloth if you have purchased a toaster-type oven. Read about the Best Air Fryer to buy now. I hope you liked this post and it helped you to understand the Air Fryer. You can share this post with your friends and families who purchased an air fryer recently. 

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