Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review

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Google WiFi System
  • Google WiFi System
Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review

Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review

Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review: WiFi Routers are nowadays a necessity of every single house and one step forward of Smarthome. Life of people are getting more and more connected to Internet let it be Social Networking or their professional work. Since a decade we were bound to use Wifi Routers in our home which used to serve there purpose well, but still, there were always some rooms left in our houses which never used to have that good coverage. So, we were bound to sit near Wifi Router or go for another router installation, and there goes another wastage of a day. Ergh! That’s a hefty task. If you are one of the victims of these situations, then Google’s Wifi System is best for you. It offers full house coverage at a blazingly fast internet speed. Let’s find out more about it. According to CNBC around 80 million USA houses are having SmartHome Devices.

Design And Working of Google WiFi System Router

You will be a little confused that what design category is doing in a router’s review. Right? But I think you should have a look at Google’s Wifi System. Don’t you think it looks amazing among other Ugly Wifi routers with their antenna pointed out on their heads?

Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review

Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review

Google took Home use and easy to blend into the environment in knowledge while making this Wifi System. It comes in a cylinder shape with a height no more than 2.5 Inches which can be easily placed anywhere in the house without making it look ugly. Apart from that, you do not need to use those nasty power adapters used by other Wifi Makers, you get Type-C USB Port for power connection. Google’s Wifi System as per my views is the best Wifi System for your house.

Coverage and Internet Speed

Boy oh boy, no one can beat Google regarding home user’s internet speed that’s for sure. Google made their Wifi system after keeping their Fibre Connection in mind. Google’s Wifi System gives out around 600 Mbps of constant speed during a test without a single disconnection. You will not need to worry about your internet throttling until you have a 10 Gig Internet line on a single router.

Regarding the band of the Wifi System then, it comes with an advanced technology which changes its band between 5GHz and 2.4GHz as per the user requirements. It promises the user to give out best internet or file transfer speed as possible. If you are looking to go for a single unit of Google’s Wifi system which is not recommended, then you will be getting an excellent coverage and internet speed, but us and as well as Google will suggest you go for the 3 Unit package. Each unit comes with a WAN Port and LAN port which helps you to connect it to the internet quickly or subsequently use it as a Wifi Extender as well. So you only need to join all three units together, and you are good to go. It will churn out your internet’s best speed and serve you in every room of your house.


Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review

Google WiFi System Smarthome Router Review

Talking about the setup process of the Google’s Wifi System, then I think it the simplest process I have ever seen. You have to just follow steps to setup your internet connection.

1. Power on the Wifi System by pressing the button on the top.
2. Connect your Android Smartphone to Wifi System and download Google’s Wifi System Application on your phone.
3. Connect your Google Account and set up your SSID and Password.
4. You are good to go.

Final Verdict

I used this Wifi system during Google’s DEMO process in their Office (Gurgaon, Haryana) and believe me it was a great experience. I was getting constant speed with minimal fluctuation even there were other testers as well which were connected to it at that time, and the best part is that they all were doing stress testing.

Pros & Cons

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  1. Great Coverage and Internet Speed
  2. Elegant Design
  3. Type-C USB Socket
  4. Easy to Manage and Use

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  1. Google’s Account always need to be connected

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In-Box Content
  1. Google Wifi System Units (according to the pack you buy)
  2. Manual
  3. 15W USB Type C Power Adapter
  4. Ethernet Cable

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