Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

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So, you own a Redmi 9C? Well, you have a great taste because you have chosen one of the best-updated phones of this gen. What else do you need when your phone gives you a 5000mAh massive battery to use your phone recklessly all day. The Octa-core performer has 13 MP to satisfy all your photography needs.

Redmi 9C is one of the best affordable phones having all the updated versions. I am sure you will not regret it. If you are facing any common android issue then don’t worry it can be fixed. Usually, such technical issues occur. If you have an internet or WiFi issue then please read further, we have solutions for you.

The maximum work that we need to do on our phone includes a strong network connection. Starting from chatting with someone to watching an online video or attending an online meeting we need a proper network connection.

The phone seems to be dead when we get no internet connection on our phone. It can be way frustrating and mandatory than it seems. If your Redmi 9C is facing the same issue then you are on the right page. Kindly go through it to fix all the issues related to your WiFi or internet connection.

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

Redmi 9C Not Connecting To Wifi

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

WiFi connections enable your system, phones, or any device to use the internet. The phones generally need the internet to access any applications or features online. It’s actually mandatory to must-have in a smartphone if we genuinely want to call it smart. To access your internet through WiFi hassle-free here are some steps you can do. Moreover, there is an option of WiFi sleep policy, here you can set a timer for your WiFi to turn off. Check the WiFi sleep policy as you might have crossed the time so it might have stopped working. Kindly observe the below steps to understand your issue in a better way.

Connect Wifi: 

  1. Open the Settings in your android phone.
  2. Tap on the Network & Internet option.
  3. Then click on Wi-Fi and turn it on.
  4. Go to the Wi-Fi connection by scanning for available networks.
  5. Set a passcode.
  6. Connect to the network and enjoy your browsing.

Set Wifi Sleep Policy:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select on WiFi Settings.
  3. Click on the Menu button and then further select the Advanced option.
  4. Tap on the WiFi Sleep Policy.
  5. Then, choose the Never When Plugged In option so that it doesn’t turn off until you do it.

Redmi 9C WiFi Not Turning On

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

If your WiFi is not turning on then you can check the metered network option. In the metered network there are network restrictions that limit the data. The user can extend or set the limitations according to his requirements. To do so please follow the below steps.

Metered network:

  1. Navigate to the Settings.
  2. Select Data Usage.
  3. Now, click on the WiFi tab and three-dot.
  4. Tap on Network Restrictions and toggle metered network.

You can also reconnect to the network. For that, you have to first apply to forget network data. Then add the network again. This process might help to fix the bugs if any.

Forget Network data:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Click on the Wi-Fi. 
  3. Select your desired network from the Wi-Fi network list.
  4. And now click on the Forget Network option.
  5. Now, Refresh your device > Tap on search new networks > Select your particular network > Give password and enjoy browsing.

Redmi 9C WiFi Issue Resolved

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

In this part, we will discuss the WiFi issues due to frequency settings in the device. There are two types of frequency a user can set. One is 2.4GHz that has a long-range but low-speed network and another one is 5GHz which has a short-range but high-speed network. It is totally up to the user which frequency they will be choosing. To change the frequency here are the steps you can follow.

  • Go to the Settings of the device.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi option and three-dot.
  • Tap on the Advanced option.
  • Then Select Wi-Fi Frequency Band and choose a frequency.
  • Remember, you have to choose either 2.4GHz (slower/ longer range)/ or 5GHz (faster/ shorter range).

Network Setting Reset:-

  • Go to the Settings of the device.
  • Tap on the backup and reset.
  • Select the Network settings reset option.
  • Tap on the Reset Settings option.
  • Then, restart your phone. 

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connected But No Internet

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

Let’s discuss the issue that most users complain about that is WiFi connected but no internet issue. This simply means there will be a full network bar but when the user searches anything in google then it displays no internet connection. Yes, this can be frustrating when the real reason is not known to us. Each device has its unique IP address and that connects the device with the network. We can modify the same by following the steps below to use a hassle-free network.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Click on the WiFi setting.
  3. Press and hold the WiFi network to change the DNS.
  4. Click on the Modify network.
  5. Select static IP address and enable hidden options.
  6. Finally, in the DNS1 and DNS2 section, fill out the name server and save the changes.

Redmi 9C Update Android Using WiFi Connection

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

Our habits while using a phone usually lead to many problems on our phone. For example, ignoring updates. If we are ignoring updates then that will affect the performance of the phone to a great extent. A user should always make sure that they have an updated device if they face WiFi connection issues To check it out observe the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your android phone.
  2. Tap on System.
  3. Then click on the Advanced option.
  4. Select System update.
  5. Now, Click on Check for an update.
  6.  If updates are available, then click on the download option.
  7. You just now need a proper internet connection and enough device memory to enjoy your updated phone.

Fix Redmi 9C Wifi Authentication Problem

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

Our phone gets unwanted data and malicious files on a regular basis. They can harm our performance on the phone. Therefore they are stored in a cache partition. Once the cache partition is overloaded they start performing an adverse way. That’s why it is always a good habit to clear the cache on a regular basis. If your phone is having an authentication problem now then it might be the case of the overloaded cache partition. Follow the below steps in order to fix your issue.

  1. Turn off your smartphone.
  2. Hold the Volume up button and Power button together to get it started.
  3. Now leave the holding buttons.
  4. In the recovery mode option, you can find several other choices.
  5. Click on the Wipe cache partition using the Power key.
  6. Now exit from the recovery mode by restarting your device.

Redmi 9C Factory Reset Always Works

Fix Redmi 9C WiFi Connection Connecting Problem No Internet

Well if you have performed all the steps and still facing the WiFi issue then there is the last option you can perform. And yes it definitely works. You can anyway factory reset the phone. It usually erases all the data on your phone and makes your phone look like a new one. It performs like a brand new phone. This process will definitely clear all the software bugs. But for that, you have to store all the important data in a backup file, or else you are going to lose it forever.

  1. Proceed after you have kept the backup of all data of the phone.
  2.  Turn off the smartphone and connect to charging.
  3. Hold and press the Power and Volume down buttons together.
  4. Then release and again hold the Power button. Make sure you are also holding the Volume down button.
  5. Press the Volume down button a few times to highlight ‘Delete all user data and reset all settings’.
  6. Select on the Ok button to confirm.
  7. Finally, press the Power button to factory reset.

Final Verdict

As of now, we expect that your trouble might have been solved. But in case it is not then kindly visit any service center without delay. Moreover, if you like our article then do share it with your friends, family, and especially with them who are facing the same issue. You can refer to our other articles for any other technical issue on your phone. And anytime you have a doubt you can connect with us, we will be more than happy if we could assist you.


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