Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

In Short By Gadget Features To Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

Try the foregone troubleshooting steps to isolate the Realme C12 Screen Display Issue. This might have occurred due to software bugs or any serious hardware issue. Even after following all the steps you still face the issue then kindly visit any nearby service center. Hopefully, they will be able to fix your issue.

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The importance of the smartphone in today’s world goes beyond the capability of calling another person. We are directly dependent on it in many ways. The smartphone has now involved itself in all the primary business. Starting from trading to online tutoring it has a wide range of customer handling solutions. The world is not so far when each and everything will be digitalized. We won’t even see vendors or hawkers on the road as they might be hired by any online trading app.

As smartphones have become so important in our lives so it is always wise to choose a smartphone smartly. Some people are anytime sure what they need as a specification of a phone whereas, some people are totally confused about what to purchase and what features they need. For them, the best option is to go for an affordable smartphone that has all the standard functions.

Realme C-series has the best option for them. The newly launched Realme C12 combines all the basic functions with a high-performance rate at a very affordable price. It has a massive 6000 mAh battery that allows a user to recklessly use the phone for 2 days without even charging. The 13mp triple back camera captures all the memories with very professional quality.

If you already own a Realme C12 and you are facing any screen display issue then you are on the right page. This article will provide you a complete troubleshooting guide for the simple android setting issues. Kindly observe each step and do accordingly to perfectly fix your trouble.

Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

Display Problem

Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

The display problem can be a minor setting issue. You can check your auto-brightness to fix the problem. The Auto-brightness of a phone adapts your surrounding lightening and accordingly changes the display of the screen. You can follow the below steps to fix it;

  1. Go to the Settings of the phone.
  2. Click on the Display option and then, Brightness.
  3. Toggle of “Automatic/Adaptive brightness” option in the menu.

Anyways, display problems can be the most challenging issue if not treated properly. It may occur due to hardware or software defects. Here we have some easy simple steps that you can follow to get your safe mode on. This helps you to detect third-party apps that might have some viruses which usually create the problem.

Safe Mode

  1. Navigate to the Home screen.
  2. Press the power button to switch off the device.
  3. Then, press the Power button icon.
  4. Now, the Safe Mode will resemble the bottom of the screen.
  5. Click the ok button to confirm“Reboot to safe mode.”
  6. Finally, uninstall the app, which is blocking the device.
  7. Now restart your smartphone to go from safe mode.

Screen Not Turning On

Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

Have you ever failed to turn on the screen of your phone after charging your phone? Or sometimes you have the complaint that the screen of your phone automatically starts fluctuating and it suddenly switches off or restarts? Then for you, we have a special setting modification. Not many users actually know about it. You can definitely give it a try by following the steps below to fix your issue.

  1. Visit the Setting section.
  2. Now, hunt the Build number and click on it seven times.
  3. Eventually, the information will jump up “You are now a developer” on the screen.
  4. Go the Home Screen and turn on the setting option over.
  5. Then click on the More tab option and then go to the about device.
  6. Then, tap on the More Tab option.
  7. Finally, you will see “Developer Options” on your screen.
  8. Click on the Developer options and select the Drawing option or Rendering option.
  9. Lastly, choose the “Turn off hardware overlays” or “impair hardware overlays.”

Not Switching On

Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

Is your Realme C12 is not switching on? This issue may be due to a damaged display. You have an option to force restart your phone.  A force restart won’t erase the content on your phone except those that are broken or invalid. So you can anyway try it to immediately switch on your phone. At least it will help you to switch on the phone at that instance. After that, you should analyze the defect and work on it.

Force restart your phone.

  1. Press and hold both the Power and Volume Up buttons for at least eight seconds.
  2. Press it until you see the company logo.
  3. If the phone starts to power on, release the Power key.

Black Screen

Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

Cache Partitions are the storage of your phone that keeps the malicious data and files that may harm your performance of the smartphone. It’s a good habit to clear the cache so that it won’t get overloaded and act as a most disturbing defect of the phone This may hang your phone so it is wise to clear all of the partition frequently.

If your Realme C12o has a display issue like a black screen then it may occur due to an overloaded cache partition. To wipe that follow the mentioned steps.

Wipe Cache Partition

  1. Press the power button to switch off the smartphone.
  2. Press the Volume Up along with the Power keys until you find the Android company’s logo appears on your display.
  3. Release both the buttons.
  4. Now will see several options in the recovery mode.
  5. Then, choose the ‘Wipe cache partition’ by utilizing the Power key.
  6. Finally, after completing the above step, now restart your device to navigate from the recovery mode.

Touch Screen Not Working

Fix Realme C12 Screen Display Problem

Lastly, We have the option of factory reset. It is one of the most efficient ways to solve all your issues related to the phone. You can ultimately try it to clean your phone’s various malicious viruses and improve the performance rate of the phone. But always before doing that make sure you have also taken a backup of all the present data or else you might lose it forever.

If your Realme C12 Touch screen is not turning on then you should try the steps for factory reset.

  1. Make sure you have taken a full backup of all the data.
  2. Switch off your smartphone.
  3. Keep your smartphone in charge.
  4. Press power simultaneously with the Volume down buttons.
  5. Then after completing the steps, now free and again press the Power button and Volume down button simultaneously.
  6. Select the ‘Delete all user files and reset all settings’ option.
  7. Click Ok to confirm.
  8. Thus, redo the steps, press the power button to perform the factory reset method on your smartphone.

Final Verdict

Try the foregone troubleshooting steps to isolate the Realme C12 Screen Display Issue. This might have occurred due to software bugs or any serious hardware issue. Even after following all the steps you still face the issue then kindly visit any nearby service center. Hopefully, they will be able to fix your issue.

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