Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

In Short By Gadget Features To Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

We cannot point a particular reason for the battery draining problem. Similar to problems, we cannot execute an appropriate method to solve the battery draining issue. Here we have gathered few solutions to fix the Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue that effectively solves the smartphone problem. 

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As we promised in the previous article, we have come with another post to solve the Oppo A74 battery draining issue. Oppo A74 has a large 6.43 inches that have attracted young-gen buyers with its price. The gamers usually prefer an AMOLED display for high-end games. The phone is perfect for every feature including, a triple camera, high-density display, fast charging feature. Despite 5000mAh battery capacity, the phone failed to impress the users when talking about battery life. 

Have you thought about why you are facing battery problems with your brand new Oppo smartphone? There are various reasons for battery draining faster. The device has a decent battery capacity, but we have discovered a software glitch in the phone. Your daily activities can also result in battery draining problems. You must use your smartphone carefully to prevent future software problems. Battery draining issues are mostly software-related. So, do not think of replacing the battery immediately.

We are sure that the company will provide an update that can fix the battery problems faced by the users. Although, Oppo is not known for producing updates anytime soon. We cannot wait for the company to send updates to fix the problem. Hence, we will try to solve the issue before it damages other features of the smartphone. Never use the smartphone while charging as it decreases the performance eventually. Every Android users experience battery glitches. Hence, you don’t have to worry. Compared to iPhones, Android undergoes more issues.

We can efficiently solve the Android problem as it is a user-friendly platform. It allows users highly customize the device. Listening to music, playing games, watching movies, capturing photos, social media, and every other smartphone activity drains the battery. We cannot point a particular reason for the battery draining problem. Similar to problems, we cannot execute an appropriate method to solve the battery draining issue. Here we have gathered few solutions to fix the Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue that effectively solves the smartphone problem. 

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved) 

Oppo A74 battery draining fast

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Android system battery drain is mostly caused by third-party applications. The battery will drain faster if you leave apps running in the background. You can run the device on safe mode to know if third-party applications are the culprit. It disables the apps and some other features of the device and runs the phone safely. Follow these steps to enter safe mode in recovery mode.

Safe Mode:

  1. Wake up the screen and press and hold the Power key.
  2. Press and hold Power off, which appears on the screen.
  3. You will notice an option that will ask you to enable Safe Mode.
  4. Click on Ok to confirm.
  5. You will see the safe mode appears at the bottom of the screen
  6. Check the phone while it’s on safe mode for two days.
  7. If the phone works well in safe mode, then delete the app which you think is the cause of the battery issue.
  8. After uninstalling an app, restart the device.

Battery drain after update

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Some users have complained that the battery draining fast after the update. You must check the content of the software update before installing. If you didn’t find any important content, then wait for the next update. Downgrade the software OS if the update caused the battery to drain faster than usual. Downgrading will require a laptop or PC to execute the process. Follow both the methods accurately.

Update software version:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section of the phone.
  2. Now, tap on the About Phone option.
  3. Tap on the Check for updates option.
  4. If you find a new update then install it.
  5. You need a good internet connection for installing the updates.
  6. After updating, reboot the device by long-pressing the power key and tap on the reboot option.

Downgrade the OS version:

  1. Download ADB & Fastboot on your PC.
  2. Enable OEM Unlocking.
  3. Turn off the smartphone.
  4. Press and hold volume down and power buttons to enable Android’s bootloader menu.
  5. On Windows, locate C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools.
  6. Hold down the shift key, right-click on the screen on the platform-tools folder.
  7. Select the “Open command window here” option.
  8. Unlock the Bootloader.
  9. Press the enter button.
  10. Download and flash the factory images.

Oppo A74 battery drain overnight

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

The settings section of the phone can let you know about the battery-consuming applications. Some apps work when the phone is not active. These apps require notification access to send offers and information. If you find a useless app consuming more battery, then uninstall the application. You can also clear the caches of the smartphone to wipe malicious data from the device. Caches are files stored while browsing that need to be removed frequently. It will prevent future problems and remove extra files from the phone memory.

Battery consumption apps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section of the device.
  2. Tap on the Battery option.
  3. Tap on the battery icon, and you can notice the apps and their battery consumption.
  4. Check the apps in which you are consuming more battery and remove them permanently from your phone. You can also force stop those apps, which will help it to start from new.
  5. To force stop an app, visit the Settings.
  6. Tap on the applications.
  7. Tap on the app which you want to force stop or uninstall.
  8. Select Force stop or uninstall if you want to remove it from the device.

Wipe cache partition:

  1. Press and hold the power button to turn off the smartphone.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up along with Power keys until your Android or company’s logo appears on the screen.
  3. Release both the buttons.
  4. In recovery mode, you will see several options, you have to select ‘Wipe cache partition’ using the power key.
  5. You can navigate from the recovery mode by restarting the device.

Oppo Battery drain fix

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Battery saver mode automatically turns on when the battery power is low. It helps you save battery power by disabling apps that aren’t useful. You can turn off the battery saver mode if the phone is not in use. Auto-brightness mode is another method that drains the battery power. It adapts the brightness according to the surrounding light. You have to turn the feature off. Modify the brightness via settings or notification bar if required.

Battery Saver mode:

  1. Change its settings on a smartphone.
  2. Click on the Battery screen option in the Settings.
  3. On the Battery screen, tap the menu button.
  4. Tap “Battery saver.”
  5. To manually allow Battery Saver mode, visit the Battery Saver screen.
  6. Toggle the option in Battery Saver mode.
  7. To turn off Battery Saver mode, pull down your notification shade and tap “Turn Off Battery Saver”.


  1. Navigate to the home screen of the phone.
  2. Visit the settings of the phone.
  3. Tap on the Display option.
  4. Select the Brightness option from the list in settings.
  5. Toggle off the Auto option.
  6. You can set the brightness by sliding the slider

Battery draining fast after update

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue (Problem Solved)

In the last method, you have to enter the recovery mode to factory reset the device. It will remove all the files, folders, photos, videos, and other data from the smartphone. You can back up your phone data and reinstall it after a factory reset. You can factory reset via settings or recovery mode. Must try this method to remove malicious data from the smartphone before visiting the service center.

Factory Reset via recovery mode:

  1. Make sure that you have kept the backup of all data on the phone.
  2. Now turn off the smartphone and connect to charging.
  3. Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons.
  4. Then release and again hold the Power button. Remember you are holding the Volume down button.
  5. Press the Volume down button a few times to highlight ‘Delete all user data and reset all settings.
  6. Click on the Ok button to confirm.
  7. Press the Power button to factory reset.

Factory Reset via Settings:

  1. Navigate to the Home screen and Settings section.
  2. Click on the ‘General’ tab.
  3. Tap Restart & reset.
  4. Select Factory data reset.
  5. Verify your passcode if asked.
  6. Click on Reset phone > Delete all > Reset.

Final Verdict

 So, this was the troubleshooting guide to Fix Oppo A74 Battery Draining Issue. Smartphone software seems to be vulnerable. In some cases, you can’t find the reason for the software glitch. You have to visit the smartphone service center now. If the above method doesn’t work for your, you need to spend money on your phone. I hope you liked this article and it helped you to fix the battery draining problem. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends facing the same issue with Samsung devices. 

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