Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

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Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

In Short By Gadget Features To Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem. If you have any other problems relating to any other phone models, then you can contact us. Don’t use these methods if the phone not switching on as it can be solved by a certified technician.

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Display issues are common in the smartphone device. The screen is the main feature of a smartphone. Before purchasing the smartphone, we all first check the screen features like high definition screen, huge pixel resolution, waterproof display, screen protection, and others. Although, you are not aware of the fact that the screen can be affected by software. So, you must check the performance of the software version before buying a smartphone. Android Oreo users have noticed screen issues with other problems as well.

Google claims that most of the issues which were reported in Android Oreo have been solved in the latest Pie 9.0 version. However, it seems that some users still have complained about the new software. No doubt, the latest software version Android Pie 9.0 has interesting features and offers amazing performance. Although, many users want the company to fix the screen issue which is annoying the smartphone purchasers. Display problems include screen flickering that occurs due to a system problem.

Screen problems also occur due to hardware damage. So, before blaming the software version, must check if the phone has any physical damage. Screen issue has grown rapidly and confronted by smartphone users unexpectedly after a new software update was performed. Evidently, in these cases, the difficulty or flaw is connected to software errors most expected some bugs that are produced onward with the new software update. Malicious apps and inaccurate settings are also reasons for the issue.

If your smartphone screen is damaged by dropping on the ground or it slipped underwater, then you have to repair it. You can contact the company’s service centre for repair for which you have to pay some amount. Although, if the issue arises due to a software glitch, then you can follow some effective methods. In this article, we will discuss the methods to fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem. If you have any issue related to other smartphone brands, then feel free to contact Gadget Features Forum.

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Display problem

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Smartphone brightness issue is caused by the in-built feature of the device. Auto brightness mode automatically adapts the brightness of the device as per the surrounding light. It not only drains the battery but also affects the screen. The regular usage of the device is also responsible for the irresponsive screen. You can disable the auto-brightness feature to fix this issue.

1. Navigate to the Settings of the phone.
2. Tap on the Display option and then, Brightness.
3. Toggle of “Automatic/Adaptive brightness” option in the menu.

Third-party apps are another reason for an irresponsive smartphone screen. Safe mode can help you know if the screen issue occurred due to apps you have downloaded. Your everyday activities also influence the performance of the display. Safe mode disables the apps and connectivity feature. If the phone works in safe mode, then you have to uninstall the recently downloaded apps.

1. Navigate to the Home screen.
2. Then hold the power button to turn off the smartphone.
3. Hold the Power button icon.
4. Safe Mode will appear on the bottom of the screen.
5. Now press the ok button to confirm “Reboot to safe mode”.
6. Then uninstall the app which is stopping the device.
7. Restart your smartphone to move from safe mode.

Screen not turning on

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Developer Options can help you to get access to some innovative features of the device. You can easily become a developer and enhance the performance of the device. Most of the users are not aware of this special option which is available in the settings of the device. Follow these simple steps to become a developer and customize your phone.

1. Go to the Setting menu.
2. Click on More Tab option and, then About device.
3. Now search the Build number and click on it 7 times quickly
4. The message “You are now a developer” appears on the screen.
5. Go to the Home Screen and turn on the setting option again
6. Click on the More Tab option.
7. Now you will see “Developer Options” on your smartphone screen.
8. Click on the Developer options and choose the Drawing Section or Rendering Section
9. Choose the “Turn off hardware overlays” or “disable hardware overlays”.

Black screen

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

In some cases, some specific parts of the display stopped working. You think that the screen is completely unresponsive, but you can easily check this. Quick Settings bar can identify which area of the display isn’t working. These steps will easily let you know the problem with the screen. You can proceed to the next method if this didn’t help you.

1. Move your finger on the top left edge of the display.
2. Gently move your finger to the base right edge without raising your finger. Do this slowly and keep your fingers for approximately 10 seconds at one section.
3. If you can draw your Quick Settings bar and notifications all the means to the base of the screen.
4. The difficulty isn’t prompted by a particular section on your screen.
5. If the Quick Settings bar and notifications clear while you are moving your finger beyond the display.
6. Now, you have to repeat the step. If you cannot solve the issue, then contact the service centre.

Smartphone not switching on

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Cache and cookies and automatically stored in the smartphone without your permission. These caches are stored in the files and folders of the phone and capture enough memory space. If you want to free up some space of the memory and solve the screen flickering and phone hanging issue, clear the cache of the device. Wipe cache partition in recovery mode assist you to clear the entire cache of the device.

1. Hold the power button to turn off the smartphone.
2. Now hold the Volume Up along with Power keys and wait until you see the company’s logo on the screen.
3. Then leave both the button and you will go to the recovery mode. If you are not able to enter the recovery mode, then connect the smartphone to the PC via USB Cable. You can also connect to the charger.
4. In recovery mode, you will get many options where you have to select ‘Wipe cache partition’ with the help of Power key.
5. After completing the process you can move from recovery mode by restarting the device.

Screen not turning on

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

Fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

If you are overlooking the screen issues, then you must examine if the whole screen is affected or a part of it isn’t working. A diagnostics test will not mend the problem but it benefits you to completely comprehend which parts of the screen are unresponsive. To begin the diagnostics tool, you will need to apply a particular code in phone dial. All the Android devices have different manufacturers, models, OS versions and codes.

1. Navigate to the phone dial and type *8375# or *#*#0*#*#* to enter diagnostics tool menu.
2. Select TSP Dot Mode or TSP Grid Mode, which are related to test the touch screen
3. TSP Dot Mode will display small dots as you touch the screen while TSP Grid Mode enables you to examine each spot of the display in grid overlay.

Touch screen not workingFix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem (Solved)

If the above methods won’t solve the screen issue, then its time to back up the data and factory reset the device. You can back up the data easily when the screen isn’t working, but you need a PC or laptop in this method. The following methods will help you to back up and factory reset the device in recovery mode.

1. Download the “Broken Android Data Extraction” application.
2. After you have installed the app not start the software.
3. Click on the “Start” button to select the model of the smartphone. You will require the model number to check the screen.
4. Now you have to operate some steps which you find on your smartphone screen, then authenticate the phone into download mode with clicking buttons present on the screen.
5. Download the recovery package and restore the device.
6. Then scan will be processed from the files and folders in the smartphone.
7. Then click on the “Recover” button and confirm.

Factory Reset via Recovery mode:

1. Keep a back up of all the data present in the smartphone.
2. Now turn off the smartphone and connect it to charging.
3. Then hold the Power and Volume down buttons.
4. Leave and again hold the Power button and Volume down button.
5. Now ‘Delete all user data and reset all settings’.
6. Click on the Yes button to confirm.
7. Hold the power button to factory reset.

Final Verdict

So, this was the full troubleshooting guide to fix LG W30 Screen With Display Problem. Sometimes, a specific section of the screen defects and you cannot solve it yourself. You can take the help of a technician or directly contact the company for a replacement. I hope you liked this article and it helped you to fix the smartphone screen problems. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives who have experienced the same issue with the brand new LG W30 handset.

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