ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

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ATXXY VR: Two years back, the VR market got the most impressive VR headset, the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. Both of them offered just mind blowing VR experience. It was a most discussed VR of the year, but with many satisfied customers, there were many interested buyers who were upset with the price. If you don’t know about these VR’s, then I must tell you that these devices were extremely costly.

So, there were many enthusiasts of VR environment who haven’t experience the VR world which is just amazing. If you have never experienced the enjoyment of a VR just because of the expensive price, then here is the best cheapest VR available in the market. There are many VR headset company who manufactures cheap headsets. With cheap, we don’t mean that the quality is not good. These affordable devices are developed with many high-quality features.

In this article, we will introduce an affordable VR headset which is known as ATXXY. With the passage of time, the VR companies are trying their best to develop a device with the latest virtual reality technologies. These affordable VR’s are very popular in the tech market. ATXXY offers high-level image quality and VR experience just like the expensive headset devices.

ATXXY is well-built which makes it comfortable to wear. Earlier, we have reviewed many affordable VR headsets which are integrated with many amazing features. ATXXY VR is another headset that gives you extreme VR experience with panoramic theatre experience. Gadget Features experts review the devices only after examining the product carefully. So, let’s begin the ATXXY VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And Cons.

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ATXXY VR Headset Full Review WIth Pros And Cons

ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

Innovative Design

The ATXXY comes with an innovative design. It is developed with an adjustable T-shaped strap which is made of lightweight material. The build quality will help to reduce the pressure around your eyes, face and on your head. It offers excellent comfortable enjoyment.

The elastic and adjustable headband is fitting for all head sizes. It is also suitable for kids as the lens quality is good. The interior nose section consists of more space which doesn’t let pressure on your nose. The device also comes with a detachable front case to place the smartphone which also helps heat diffusion and keeps the interior area cool while experiencing the virtual world.

ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons


The device is beautifully built for comfort. The interior of the device is installed with a soft cushion which feels light on your face. It comes with padded head straps which allows you to attain the excellent fit without pressure and lets you observe VR entertainment for longer duration without stress. The device has an adjustable head strap that can be set at 9 degrees to limit the band from affecting your ears while reducing the burden on your head and nose section.

The VR Features adjustable pupil distance (PD) and focus distance (FD), suitable for 0°- 800°myopia and 0°- 400° hyperopia. It offers a completely immersive panoramic theatre experience. You can download the Google Cardboard app in your smartphone and download the games or movies and enjoy. It also offers an outstanding wide-angle visual sense and a 110-degree field of view.

Remote Control & Built-In Headphone

The VR comes with a remote controller just to enhance your VR experience. You can use the remote as a VR remote, Gamepad, Music control, Selfie, and many other smartphone activities. It is completely compatible with Android and basic support for iOS. It is operated by 2 AAA batteries which you have to buy additionally.

The Vr is equipped with built-in HD VR headphones which are great for VR videos, VR games, and music. The headphone is built with soft memory sponge ear which feels comfortable for your ears. It allows permanent comfort presenting you surprising audio-virtual reality experience.

ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons

Wide Compatibility

ATXXY VR Headset with almost all smartphones of up to 4.7-6.2 inch in screen size. Here is a list of smartphone that supports this VR device.
iPhone X 8 7 Plus/ 6S/ 6/ 6 Plus
Samsung S8/ S8 Plus/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6/ S6 Edge/ Note 8/ 5/ 4/ 3
LG G6/ G5/ G4/ G3/ V20
Daydream phones like Google Pixel/ Pixel XL/ Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL
Samsung S8/ S8 plus
Moto Z/Z Force
Huawei Mate 9 Pro and many more.

Pros & Cons

1. Adjustable Straps
2. Adjustable Optic and Focal Distance
3. Built-In Headphone
4. Great Audio Quality
5. Remote Control

1. Needs high-end smartphone for 3D viewing

Final Verdict

So, this was the ATXXY VR Headset Full Review With Pros And Cons. This Vr is exclusively available in Amazon. So, if you are interested in this device, then click on the button given above. I hope you liked this article and will have a great experience with the device. You can share this article with your friends and families who don’t have a virtual reality headset.

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