7 Mobile Games Worth Your Time

Those with a keen interest in the gadget side of mobile gaming tend to know what the best devices are. As of this writing, it’s still hard to beat the top-of-the-line smartphones such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, or the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Those looking for gaming-specific phones will likely be aware of options like the Asus ROG Phone 6 and Nubia Red Magic 7 as well. And ultimately, there’s still an argument to be made in favor of an up-to-date Razer Phone 2 as the single best gaming phone we’ve seen.

What’s not always as clear is which actual games are best to play on these phones. Of course, any answer to that prompt is subjective to a degree, and every enthusiastic mobile gamer would do well to explore options and figure out their own favorites. As far as we’re concerned though, the following are some of the best mobile games to play on high-end smartphones.

1 – Downwell

Downwell has been around as a downloadable PC game for some time now, but is relatively new to the app space. Even so, it’s ultimately a game that feels old in the best of ways.It’s designed in a retro style with elements of old-school platformers and roguelike games; a review at Desructoid even described it as a Game Boy throwback. As much as it’s designed to feel like a vintage video game though, Downwell’s gameplay keeps it as fresh and challenging as any brand new mobile offering. Your task is essentially to explore ever deeper in a well full of perils, and the more you play, the better you learn how to succeed.

2 – ENYO

ENYO is another game that’s been around, but we can’t help feeling like it’s still one of the best puzzle games available. Plus, its unique artistic style (reminiscent of classical world art and illustrations in mythology books) looks awesome on a terrific gaming screen. As for the game itself, ENYO plays out more or less like a game of checkers or chess –– or at least, one in which lava pits, monsters, and weaponry enter the equation. Give it a shot and you’ll find yourself spending hours trying to perfect your ability.

3 – World Series of Poker

If you’re looking for an in-depth and great-looking go-to poker app, we’d point you toward World Series Of Poker. Both the World Series of Poker main event and the app use the Texas Hold’em variation of poker. So if you want to learn how to play Texas Hold’em, you can use this app to learn how to make the best five-card hands out of your two hole cards and the five community cards. Beginners will also find it easier to play poker online because the card drawing process and other steps are automated. So, you simply have to sign in, collect your free chips, and enter games or tournaments of your choice to compete against other players.

4 – Project Winter

If you’re interested in mobile gaming, you’ve probably heard of the smash hit Among Us, in which teams basically work with each other toward objectives and attempt to outsmart or identify “Imposters.” It’s a terrific game, but as far as we’re concerned, Project Winter is more or less a better version. Eight players work together to craft items and escape a harsh winter environment –– as well as the wolves in their midst. It’s a very clever concept, and it’s brought to life in extraordinary artistic style. The game is a dream on the right device.

5 – Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League is often characterized as being a soccer-like game played out with cars at high speed. Well, the “Sideswipe” mobile version basically upholds that concept, with simple and intuitive touchscreen swipe controls. The game looks spectacular on a capable mobile device, and as the game write-up at Digital Trends notes, the smaller visual scale arguably improves the action; you can simply see more of the arena at once (whereas in console form, Rocket League can be a bit spread out).

6 – Landbrokes Casino

There are a lot of popular casino and slot games to be found in mobile stores. But frankly it’s a bit tedious to download individual slots and the like. By contrast, this app bundles dozens of casino games in one, making for a more convenient and fulfilling gaming option. Additionally, their slot selection is typically updated with some of the newest and most popular games in the category –– which tends to look and sound wonderful on better devices. Take a look at slots like Lock o’ The Irish, God Of Storms, and Rise Of Valkyrie, and you’ll get the idea in a hurry.

7 – Beatstar

Last but not least is Beatstar –– a brilliant rhythm game that more or less plays out like Guitar Hero for your fingers, on a touchscreen. Your task is simply to tap along to the beat of the music. The more accurately you play, the more points you’ll earn, and the higher the scores the more music you’ll be able to add to your collection. It can be a little bit of a slog to collect music you like without paying for it, which is a legitimate drawback. But it’s a fun game to play, and the visuals and audio alike are excellent on better gaming devices.

Download a few of these games and you’ll appreciate your gaming phone all the more.


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